All Day Secret Location Luminous Forest Party with Camping


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We are super excited to announce our collaboration with our dear friend Charmaine Davis, founder of Luminous Ecstatic Dance for this secret location event!!

This partnership marks the beginning of an inspiring journey, where we aim to bring the transformative power of ecstatic dance to a wider audience. Charmaine’s passion and expertise in creating spaces for self-expression and healing through movement, perfectly align with our mission to foster community and wellness.

Get ready for a mind blowing experience, as we blend shamanic healing and breathwork into the mix for an epic day!!

Charmaine and her tribe of luminous wizard DJ’s are heating up to unleash an unforgettable vibe just for you. This is not just a party; it’s a journey into a realm where magic and music become one, and every beat is a spell that binds hearts and minds together. 

A little info about the event from Charmaine

Everyone involved in the event, from the DJ’s and the event organisers do these rare parties from a place of love. It is an event for people to be free, dancing barefoot out in nature, stomping their funky feet as the base of the music vibrates through their body. The DJ’s are both legends whom have played for Ministry, produced their own music, or been signed to labels like Hot Relations and Viva Warriors. It is an absolute honour that the DJ’s who play at Luminous do this event through their love of music, and because they love the intimacy and friendliness of the people. 

Each time we run a Luminous event, we try to introduce more ways of sacredness into each event. It is a great pleasure to welcome Jessica and Lyndsey to Luminous, as they will be hosting a breathwork ceremony at 11.30am down by the lake, after which there is time to eat, chill and relax. 

Then in the afternoon we will head into the woods for the blindfolded ecstatic dance (LED), facilitated and guided by Charmaine. 

After LED, we have 10 DJ’s going back to back on the decks to boom baseline out across the lake, while we dance our socks off and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. 

From 11pm/midnight, the after party will start – there will be 3 DJ’s going back to back on 3 silent disco channels. The joy of silent disco is we don’t have a ‘turn it off’ time and the campers get to sleep : )

*This is a strictly over 18’s only event*

For full information and ticket sales kindly refer to the link provided: LUMINOUS FOREST PARTY Tickets, Sat, Oct 5, 2024 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

Friends socialising at Redricks Glamping site

Much love from Charmaine, Jessica, Lyndsey and the Luminous Forest Tribe.

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming events and festivals. We cannot wait to dance with you and embark on this vibrant adventure. Let’s move, groove, and shine together!!

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05. - 06.10.2024
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Secret Location
To be announced!!
Luminous Ecstatic Dance
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