Energy Healing and Breathwork Ceremonies

    Conscious Heart Warriors breathwork session
    This will be a powerful ceremony of personal transformation and a time to release anything that no longer serves your highest good or the highest good of all. True planetary healing ultimately begins with ourselves - the loving process of healing any parts within that are wounded and thus returning... [read more]
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    Baby Blessing Ceremonies

    baby shower
    We have created a unique baby blessing experience. We will join together in our divine feminine energy to give blessings and bring words of wisdom to honor the transition into motherhood. It’s a chance for everyone to send loving wishes and intentions for the safe arrival of the new baby. We... [read more]
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    Kerry Standfast Psychic Medium

    Kerry Standfast Psychic Medium
    "Dive deep into the realms of intuition and enlightenment with Kerry Standfast: Psychic Medium. Embark on a journey of profound insights and spiritual growth through personalized readings and empowering teachings. Illuminate your path, embrace your truth, and awaken to the limitless possibilities of your soul's journey." We are in close collaborate... [read more]
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    Heal To Manifest Day Retreats

    We are delighted to offer this unique and magical experience at our Heal to Manifest day retreat. This retreat has been created to assist you in releasing and healing what no longer serves your highest and greatest good, such as unhelpful programming, limiting beliefs, outdated patterns, and negative habits. This... [read more]
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    Tyson Fox Drum Circles

    Man playing drum
    We are super excited to be collaborating with our soul brother Tyson to bring you Fox Drumming Circles. This is a beautiful opportunity to bring people together to enjoy each other's company and have fun making music. Drum circles offer a multitude of benefits that go beyond just music-making. Participating in... [read more]
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    LED Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork Sessions

    Lady with arms the the air at an ecastic dance event
    We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Charmaine Davis, the founder of Luminous Ecstatic Dance, to present an evening of ecstatic dance followed by an energy healing and breathwork session with us, the Conscious Heart Warrior's. Charmaine Davis, a visionary in the world of movement and mindfulness, brings her unique... [read more]
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