Conscious Expression

Lady singing in front of lake
Conscious Expression Always speak your truth to others, even if it’s uncomfortable. If someone has hurt you, talk to them, explain how it made you feel. If we are going to create this new world we definitely don’t need anymore back stabbing, gossiping, witch hunt behaviour. This has got to stop. We... [read more]
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The Awakening

conscious heart warriors meditating
The Awakening Transmuting the darkness, forgiving the past. Making conscious choices not moving so fast. Enjoying the moment embracing Mother Earth. Connecting to our roots a natural rebirth. There’s no separation, no reason to fear. An awakening of consciousness making everything clear. The veil is lifting bringing darkness to light. An awakened species that were born to do... [read more]
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Heaven and Hell

An angel from behind
I was born on the day of heaven and hell Born of emotion that I know so well Trying to decipher what’s right and what’s wrong I try to express this through writing and song An angel a demon that dwells from within Making mistakes trying hard not to sin Walking round in a black cape... [read more]
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Warriors of the Rainbow

A rainbow painted on canvas
Look at you shining your beautiful light for all to see After years of walking through pain and adversity You're strong and resilient with a heart made of gold With passion and beauty and a hero's story to be told Even through the dark times you still believed in love Your scars are a reminder... [read more]
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