Heaven and Hell

An angel from behind

I was born on the day of heaven and hell
Born of emotion that I know so well
Trying to decipher what’s right and what’s wrong
I try to express this through writing and song

An angel a demon that dwells from within
Making mistakes trying hard not to sin
Walking round in a black cape and hood
Judging myself more than anyone could

After years of walking through darkness and pain
I’m seeing the sunshine stepping out of the rain
Where my feelings are tranquil and my mind is at ease
Away from the darkness content in peace

My mission’s to help people gain understanding
Through courage and wisdom the love is outstanding
Get lost in the feeling the one we call love
Connect to the magic and the stars up above

We all have a purpose to fulfill in our heart
Could be teaching healing or creating beautiful art
What makes you happy? puts a smile on your face
It’s time to get out of the busy rat race

You don’t have to live in a world of misery
If only we could all have the courage to see
Life’s what you make it keep positive thoughts
True inner wisdom cannot be brought

It comes when your mind is quiet and still
No one interrupting your body’s able feel
It’s the voice that’s inside it’s gentle and kind
It sits right between your heart and your mind

I know it as mind body and soul
Balance all three lose the need to control
Nurture yourself and love who you are
The journey we travel is long and far