The Awakening

conscious heart warriors meditating

The Awakening

Transmuting the darkness, forgiving the past.
Making conscious choices not moving so fast.
Enjoying the moment embracing Mother Earth.
Connecting to our roots a natural rebirth.

There’s no separation, no reason to fear.
An awakening of consciousness making everything clear.
The veil is lifting bringing darkness to light.
An awakened species that were born to do right.

We have faced all our demons, stared fear in the face.
Fought tooth and nail to get out this rat race.
We are taking our power back one day at a time.
Working hard energetically to change these timelines

Healing the discord hatred and division
Dreaming a new world into our vision.
Sharing the wisdom from sacred traditions.
Alchemising the pain like little magicians

Centered and strong, cleansed and released.
This is what it feels like to live in peace.
Awakened, connected to our true essence
Fully embodied here & present.

We are one we are magic, we are sacred and free.
What I see in you, resides within me.
Raising the vibration, breaking the illusion apart.
Bringing humanity back to their heart ❤️