Warriors of the Rainbow

A rainbow painted on canvas

Look at you shining your beautiful light for all to see
After years of walking through pain and adversity
You’re strong and resilient with a heart made of gold
With passion and beauty and a hero’s story to be told

Even through the dark times you still believed in love
Your scars are a reminder of the heartache you rise above
Intertwining ancestral wisdom turning on light that once was dim
Raising your vibration the divine Feminine within

Take note of persistent triggers seeking wisdom from the source of pain
As their souls’ intuitive whispers of what to heal not what to blame
Practise the art of forgiveness and resonate in its essence
Embody the source of who you are and relish in being present

Don’t compare yourself to another soul you are divine you are unique
Be authentic in your endeavours be mindful of the way you speak
Treat yourself with the utmost respect honour speaking your truth
Use discernment and intuition do not tolerate abuse

As you breath into your body feel the energy coursing through
Trusting that your spirit knows exactly what to do
Releasing what no longer serves you making way for something new
A life built from integrity a love that’s pure and true

Seek connections that are genuine before giving yourself away
Be aware of others’ intentions and the games they like to play
You are sacred you are magic you are a star that shines so bright
A warrior of the rainbow who leads others back to their light