Energy Healing and Breathwork Sessions for Festivals and Events

conscious heart warriors breath work ceremony


Festivals and events are the perfect opportunity for introducing this kind of work to those who may not have encountered it before. There is enormous power in group healing and in our experience working at various festivals it has been truly amazing to witness the profound effects and transformations that have occurred for so many people, even after just one session. This modality can be the perfect introduction to your own personal journey of spiritual awakening and self-exploration. Breathwork offers you the opportunity to uncover and embody the magic of your own consciousness. This is something that lies within each and every one of us, it simply needs to be accessed. This work allows us to make this connection to our own inner magic, to each other and to the Universe. In our own personal experience, people leave these sessions feeling more connected to their heart space and to the true source of who they are.


We have facilitated breathwork sessions at the following festivals and wellbeing events


  • Boomtown
  • Camper Van Camp Out
  • Self-Care Self-Love Retreat Day
  • Back In The Day Festival
  • Van Life Eats Festival
  • Camp Quirky
  • Yoga Wild
  • Stone Cold Sober
  • Campervan Campout
  • Van Love
  • Camp Quirky
  • Slumber In The Humber

Before attending an Energy Healing and Breathwork event we recommend you check out our Breathwork FAQ’s.

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