Heal To Manifest Day Retreats


Retreat Itinerary

  • Cacao ceremony and sharing circle
  • Oracle card wisdom
  • Breathwork and energy healing ceremony
  • Reprogramming limited beliefs
  • Discover your true-life purpose exercise
  • Manifesting despacho
  • Sacred fire ceremony
  • Closing sharing circle

We are delighted to offer this unique and magical experience at our Heal to Manifest day retreat. This retreat has been created to assist you in releasing and healing what no longer serves your highest and greatest good, such as unhelpful programming, limiting beliefs, outdated patterns, and negative habits. This powerful healing session will take you on a profound journey back to the heart and soul through conscious connected breathing and energy healing, all within a safe and sacred ceremony space.

Morning Session

We start the day with a sharing circle, allowing everyone the opportunity to share their feelings and intentions for what they desire to release and invite into their lives. You may share as little or as much as you wish here, but the power of speaking out helps to bring emotions to the surface, which will ultimately facilitate a deeper healing for you. We will use oracle cards to bring i wisdom and guidance from your spirit team. We then move on to our breathwork session. Through conscious, connected breathing, we connect to higher states of consciousness, and the breath helps to bridge the gap between the conscious/subconscious mind and the body; the body remembers what the mind forgets. When we work with the breath it creates space for any blockages to be released and for healing to occur. Once we have released the emotions, we are able to come back to a place of balance and inner peace.

Afternoon Session

After lunch we will take you on a guided visualisation to reprogram your outdated limited beliefs, and implement  more positive and healthy beliefs that empower you on your life journey. We will be working with the higher self and all our team in spirit to bring in ancient knowledge and wisdom. We follow that up with a ‘Manifesting Despacho’. A mandala despacho is an honouring and offering to ‘Pacha Mama’, or ‘Mother Earth’. We will be making offerings such as flowers, sweets, rice, and sugar to be burned on a sacred fire. The despacho will create, in Shamanic terms, what we call ‘Ayni’, which means ‘reciprocity’ with our Mother Earth. We will then complete the day with a sacred fire ceremony in which we burn the despacho and offer our wishes to the spirits and Pacha Mama. We also have other yummy additional extras but we are saving that as a surprise for the day.

Before attending a Heal to Manifest event we recommend you check out our Breathwork FAQ’s.

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Other Information

Who is this for? Everyone!
Price £88
Duration 6 hours

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