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Kerry Standfast Psychic Medium


“Dive deep into the realms of intuition and enlightenment with Kerry Standfast: Psychic Medium. Embark on a journey of profound insights and spiritual growth through personalized readings and empowering teachings. Illuminate your path, embrace your truth, and awaken to the limitless possibilities of your soul’s journey.”

We are in close collaborate with Kerry for our retreats and events. Kerry is also available for private psychic and mediumship readings which can be attained through her personal website Psychic Reading – Kerry Standfast Psychic Medium

Kerry’s Journey

Growing up with a family that had an understanding of Spiritualism, she was aware at a young age of being slightly different from others, Kerry had many conversations with her Nan ‘Joan’ about the Spirit World.

“Nan told me about her sitting in Séances and going to the Spiritual Church regularly, this truly fascinated me, I never shared this information with anyone else; this was between me and my Nan”

Kerry moved to Canvey Island, Essex and grew up there as a Teenager, this is where Kerry truly started to experience communication with the Spirit World. She started to become aware of Spirit around her when her Nan passed over, through this experience, Kerry gained the desire to dig deeper within herself and be guided by her intuition.

With a solid understanding of the Mechanics of Mediumship and Psychic Awareness, Kerry has studied for several years at Tony Stockwell’s ‘Soul Space’ and with the guidance of Lynn Probert, Lisa Williams and attendance of the “Arthur Finlay College’, Kerry is also a member of the Spiritual National Union (SNU). Kerry works with her senses – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Empathy.

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