LED Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork Sessions

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Lady with arms the the air at an ecastic dance event


Package Itinerary

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Guided LED Ecstatic Dance Journey
  • Energy Healing & Breathwork Ceremony
  • Sound Bath

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Charmaine Davis, the founder of Luminous Ecstatic Dance, to present an evening of ecstatic dance followed by an energy healing and breathwork session with us, the Conscious Heart Warrior’s.

Charmaine Davis, a visionary in the world of movement and mindfulness, brings her unique blend of energy and creativity to create an unforgettable experience. With her profound expertise in guiding individuals through transformative dance experiences, she will lead you on a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery and liberation. Through the rhythmic beats and flowing movements, you will unravel layers of your being, shedding away inhibitions and embracing your authentic self. This fusion of music and movement will create a sacred space where you can tap into your inner wisdom, express your emotions freely, and cultivate a sense of profound connection with yourself and the universe. Get ready to embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and deeply aligned with your essence.

Through conscious, connected breathing, we connect to higher states of consciousness and the breath helps to bridge the gap between the conscious/subconscious mind and the body. The body remembers what the mind forgets. When we work with the breath it creates space for any blockages to be released and for healing to occur. Once we have released the emotions, we are able to return to a place of balance, acceptance and inner peace. We create a safe space to facilitate this sacred experience, inviting you to come home to a place of remembrance where you can fully embody the true essence of your being.

Before attending an Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork event we recommend you check out our Breathwork FAQ’s.

Other Information

Who is this for? Everyone!
Price £50
Duration 3 hours

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